Royal Mail reveal top 10 children’s picks for 2015

By Chris Dawson November 16, 2015 - 11:28 am

Lego ChristmasThere are plenty of “Top Ten Toys” lists floating around at this time of year, but none as accurate as Royal Mail’s. Royal Mail have been answering children’s letters to Santa since 1963 and they have carried out the most authoritative survey of children’s wishes this Christmas, to reveal the gifts that children themselves are asking for.

The ever popular Lego has regained the top spot after temporarily losing it to Frozen merchandise last year. It would appear that whilst Frozen was incredibly popular it’s appeal is pretty much over (at least until Disney decide to release a Frozen 2 sequel).

Also dropping in popularity from 2014 and missing the cut for 2015 are Barbie Dolls, Scooters, One Direction merchandise and Monster High.

Other traditional gifts include bikes, board games and Play Doh, but inevitably tech is starting to creep into the list with smart phones and games consoles featuring for the first time. Unlike Frozen, Peppa Pig shows some longevity by hanging onto the 10th spot in the list.

Letters to Santa

To ensure Santa receives your letter on time, write to him no later than the 6 December 2015.

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

Don’t forget that Santa needs to know your full name and address to reply so he asks that you include this on your letter and remember to use stamp.

The top ten most requested toys for Christmas 2015

2. Bike
3. Play-Doh
4. Games Consoles
5. Nerf Gun
6. Board Games
7. DVDs
8. PAW Patrol
9. iPhone
10. Peppa Pig

Royal Mail’s Chief Elf in charge of Santa’s mailbag, Alex McConnell said: “We are very honoured that Father Christmas has allowed us to take a peek at what children are asking for this year. We get to see what they really want for Christmas. All the elves at Royal Mail enjoy reading the heart-warming letters and the festive cheer these letters bring.

More importantly, if you sell any of these products then make sure they feature in the Black Friday category of your website and eBay/Amazon shops. Consider bundling them (for instance multiple packs of Lego) to increase basket size for your deals which, if you offer free postage, instantly gives you the ability to discount without incurring any loss of margin.

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