Neteven report spectacular Singles Day sales for their merchants

By Chris Dawson November 13, 2015 - 9:50 am

Neteven have released some details on Singles day success and the results are truly staggering.

The average GMV of all the sellers Neteven has launched on Tmall Global in 2015 is €200K per month. On Single’s Day, most of Neteven’s sellers sold as much in a single day as the GMV level they were achieving during a full month.

Greg from Neveven also said “We have noticed that the ramp up has been much faster on Tmall Global than on any other marketplace. Since Tmall Global team select the brands they want to onboard via Neteven based on unfulfil demand, buyers are already there to buy brands launched by our sellers. Hence, a huge amount of sales from day one“.

As Alibaba’s Jack Ma said, Single’s Day is “Not only the opportunity for China, it’s an opportunity for the world”. If you want to get ready for Singles Day 2016, make sure that setting up shop on Tmall Global is on your plans for the New Year.


Singles Day in numbers

Singles Day Numbers

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