InterCultural Elements partner with Cdiscount

By Chris Dawson November 23, 2015 - 2:17 pm

CdiscountInterCultural Elements and Cdiscount have recently announced a new partnership. The aim of the partnership is to better enable international e-sellers to sell on Cdiscount and expand their French sales.

Cdiscount is a French website for discounted products offering an extremely exciting, fast-growing French marketplace. Cdiscount also offers the expert service CLogistique which allows sellers to store their products in a local warehouse and let Cdiscount take care of the delivery.

InterCultural ElementsInterCultural Elements offers complete, customizable solutions to increase sales into both international and domestic markets and covers all expansion aspects.

InterCultural Elements is excited to establish a strong partnership with Cdiscount,” says Scott Galvao, Managing Director at InterCultural Elements. “InterCultural Elements has always focused on France due to its high potential for e-commerce expansion. Cdiscount’s remarkable growth reveals it’s not only “an up-and-coming”, but an established marketplace worth expanding onto today. This new cooperation partners that growth with InterCultural Elements’ complete A-Z expansion services.”

InterCultural Elements’ experienced Account Managers enable retailers to list professionally translated/localized items on Cdiscount, handle post-sale services like native speaking phone & email customer service, and also offer returns collection in France (as well as 18 other countries).

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