Help us build the best Tamebay Guide ever for 2016

By Dan Wilson November 5, 2015 - 7:49 am

tamebay guide promo 2016You probably know about the Tamebay Guide. If you don’t, check it out: you can view it online or download it as a PDF.

It’s something we do every year and the aim is to put together the most comprehensive and useful gazetteer of tools, resources and services out there that can help people like you selling online, on eBay and Amazon, grow their business.

And, as ever with Tamebay, the best tip offs and insights we get are from you: our venerable and knowledgeable Tamebay readers and we’re ever so grateful. So we’re asking for your help again. What should be included?

We’ve started compiling the 2016 Tamebay Guide and we ask that you advise us with ideas. Who should be in it? What is the killer app you use that makes life easier? Which couriers do you depend on? What services make your business possible? New suggestions, things we’ve never included before, are particularly welcome.

All ideas are gratefully received. Leave them in a comment. Or contact us directly.

And we thank you in advance. :O)

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