Get involved with Start-up Saturday

By Dan Wilson November 2, 2015 - 1:52 am

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week on the 21st of November, Enterprise Nation will be holding another of their Start-Up Saturday events. The aim is simple: to get 250 fledgling businesses up and running in a single day.

Check out the video.

Emma Jones will lead the day giving 250 fledgling firms a head start by making sure they have firm foundations for their big idea. It’s all happening at the British Library in London.

As they say, you’ll learn:

– How to uncover your BIG Idea and research the market
– 5 points to include in a business plan
– The must-do’s – register the company – presented by ICAEW
– Protecting your IP
– Straight forward finance and easy budgeting techniques
– Set-up tips on office tech, furnishings & fashion!
– All things web – building a home online
– Simple sales roadmap and embracing social media
– Make some noise! Successful marketing on a budget
– Team work – how to grow the business without outgrowing the home
– Happy Customers and Balanced Business – you can achieve it all!

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