Enter your business for the Ecommerce Awards 2016

By Chris Dawson November 23, 2015 - 2:39 pm

Celebrating great, new, innovative and customer focused retailers from the world of ecommerce, the “James and James eCommerce Awards” will take place on Thursday 28 April 2016. Alongside senior industry specialists, Tamebay will be on the judging panel.

James and James work with a wide range of online retailers, who sell everything from high-end jewellery and fashion to vitamins and cat-flaps. There is some real expertise out there, and they want to reward it!

Who can enter?

Any ecommerce business can apply provided you sell something over the web (the website has a function to take a payment and process an order) – it does not even need to be physical product!

The awards are focused on ecommerce retailers, but service providers are very welcome enter in partnership with a retailer, with the focus remaining on the retailer.

What are the categories?

eCommerce Award for Best New Business

Have you recently launched your business? Do you offer an amazing product? Are your sales going from strength to strength? James and James want to know.

eCommerce Award for Innovation

James and James we are a technology company before they are a logistics company, so they really appreciate innovation. Whether it’s through a product, a website or brand ethos, they want to hear about the exciting developments that make your ecommerce business different.

eCommerce Award for Best Customer Experience

We know that providing a great customer experience from shopping cart to doorstep is an important part of succeeding as an ecommerce business. Do you go the extra mile to make purchasing with your company memorable? Tell James and James how.

Winners will receive a smart official certificate and web badge to display on your site, and the pride of knowing you’ve won a “eCommerce Award 20162. If you win you’ll doubtless also get some free publicity on Tamebay when we announce the winners.

How do I enter

To enter the “eCommerce Awards 2016”, simply download the entry form for the category you wish to enter.

The entry deadline is the 29th of February when Judging will commence. The short listed entries will be announced on the 31st of March and judging will be completed in late April with the winners announced on Thursday 28 April 2016.

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