DHL suspends seller deliveries to Amazon fulfilment centres

By Dan Wilson November 30, 2015 - 8:50 am

We’ve received a tip off from an Amazon seller saying that DHL will no longer be taking consignments due for delivery to four Amazon fulfilment centres.

Do let us know whether you’re affected. You can find the full text of the email below. It came from Ian Mountford, National Sales Manager for DHL and says: “As of Monday 30/11/15 we will temporarily cease collections from Vendors for freight not already booked to the following Fulfilment Centres.” The impacted Amazon Fulfilment Centres are Rugeley, Peterborough, Daventry and Doncaster.

It seems that the alert from DHL came on Friday leaving the weekendto make other arrangements. DHL say it isn’t their fault (cold comfort) but it could doubtless be a serious headache for some sellers. And for it to come at the busiest time of the year, the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a real blow.

Have you been impacted by this problem?

“Good Afternoon Amazon Vendor

Over recent weeks DHL Freight have been experiencing escalating issues in regards to having our vehicles unloaded at certain FC’s

Even having then benefit of fixed consolidated slots has not helped with the offloading of our vehicles at some FC’s

We now have some severe backlogs of Freight and this has nothing to do with DHL Freight being able to handle the volume expected at this time of year

With this in mind we have communicated to Amazon the following action needs to be taken

As of Monday 30/11/15 we will temporarily cease collections from Vendors for freight not already booked to the following Fulfilment Centres

1. Rugeley – BHX1
2. Peterborough – EUK5
3. Daventry – XUKD
4. Doncaster – LBA1

As of Monday 30/11/15 we will be suspending bookings for FTL shipments into Any Amazon FC (This is for any booking of 15 pallets+).

Please note we do not take this action lightly and have only come to this decision for the benefit of protecting our network and you the vendor from excessive delays which would result in closed PO’s and missed slots with potential fines

We will be reviewing this on a daily basis and will of course communicate to you in regards to when we can commence a full service to all FC’s
Rest assured as soon as we are in a position to switch back on a full service we will do so.

If you have any question in regards to this decision please firstly speak to your known commercial owner, The Amazon Control Tower have been instructed to not arrange collection for the above FC’s or Full Trailer Loads and will not be available to answer your queries.”

  • 2 years ago

    We use UPS, Amazon’s partnered courier. Even though consignments were arriving on time, they were taking up to 7 days to get booked in by Amazon last week, whereas it normally takes 48 hours.

    It does appear that things are now getting back to normal after the weekend.

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