Amazon Scout identifies the best Amazon sites for your business

By Chris Dawson November 3, 2015 - 2:30 pm

Amazon Scout Dashboard smHow do you decide which countries to expand your Amazon business to first? Should you be selling on Amazon in Germany, or would you have more success with Amazon in the US or perhaps Japan? A new tool, Amazon Scout, aims to make this easy for you by matching your product set with Amazon ASINs.

The aim is to let you know which countries you can list on without having to create new listings and even better, tell you how your pricing performs against existing competitors. This gives you an easy expansion plan knowing you can list your inventory almost instantly piggybacking existing ASINs and the ability to focus on products where you know you’ll be competitively priced. There’s little benefit in listing inventory if your pricing is way out of synch with local market expectations – too high and you won’t sell, too low and you could be making higher margins.

Amazon Scout, a tool developed by InterCultural Elements, finds pre-existing ASINs on Amazon marketplaces in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan using your product’s EAN, brand, title, and other item characteristics. Detailed information about those listings are then displayed in an informative spreadsheet & dashboard, all broken down by country.

At the same time Amazon Scout supplies names, prices and product links for the top 5 competitors per product, as well as your top 10 overall competitors per country.

Amazon Scout Country Dashboards sm

This aim of Amazon Scout is to enable you to identify your most lucrative expansion countries based on price comparisons and at relatively low cost. You can sign up for a trial “Ad Hoc Report”, or for regular updates giving targeted sales opportunities, subscribe to receive Weekly or Monthly reports at further discounted rates.

There’s a calculator on the Amazon Scout website so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be charged up front, but as an example an ad hoc report for 1,000 SKUs would cost just €120.

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