Alibaba Singles Day sales exceed $12 billion

By Chris Dawson November 11, 2015 - 3:56 pm

Alibaba are having stonkingly good sales today, 11/11 which with all the ones is known as “Singles Day” in China.

In the hours leading up to the official midnight start of the Alibaba Group 2015 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, almost 130 million users visited the Mobile Taobao app, exceeding the peak volume during Singles Day 2014. In just eight minutes they’d sold a billion dollars worth of merchandise and by the 90 minutes mark sales had reached over $5 billion.

14 hours in and Alibaba have racked over $10 billion dollars of sales having already exceeding the 2014 milestone of 10 minues before the 12 hour mark. At 2:00 p.m. China Time, the total number of mobile buyers was more than 70 million and Cainiao Logistics, the logistics affiliate of Alibaba Group, had received 310 million delivery orders, exceeding the 278 million orders generated last year.

At the time of writing the latest update is that they’ve surpassed the $12 billion dollar mark and sales are showing no signs of slowing.

Edited to add: The total is now up to $14.3 billion!

To celebrate Singles Day, Frank Underwood from Netflix’s House of Cards (Kevin Spacey) had a special message to wish everyone a Happy Singles Day:

  • 2 years ago

    Investing so that we were able to work with Tmall has been one of the best decisions Neteven has ever made. Things went crazy from 4pm yesterday, and woke up this morning to, quite frankly, staggering results.

    • ifellow
      2 years ago


      Now get ready for a few good sales close to chinese new year, and then nothing for 3 more quarters

    • 2 years ago

      You know, with these numbers, I’d probably take that!

  • 2 years ago

    9 out every 10 UK Sellers have probably never heard of singles day. Amazing how Black Friday hogs the limelight when the potential for Singles day is much greater.
    Any UK sellers that are alive to the Cross Border Trading with China are likely to see a significant uplift in sales.
    Serving the Chinese market does have its challenges but given the sheer scale of demand for British goods its certainly worth the hard yards.

  • Ian A
    2 years ago

    I was up at 4am this morning feeding our new born and also taking advantage of Aliexpress 11.11 sales, buying fashion items I can retail from my physical locations in the UK.

    I must say the Aliexpress site is better than ebay now!

    Slicker, better search functionality, easy log in and checkout and cheaper products. I’d be very worried if I were ebay I can see the market for chinese made goods shifting to there entirely as they gain trust with western consumers, search twitter, its happening.

    • ifellow
      2 years ago

      I wouldn’t buy clothes on there personally

      1) Fakery
      2) Bad Sizing
      3) Complete lack of returns.
      4) Unable to determine quality before purchase
      5) Prices on many items (apart from fakes) are not that good

    • Chris
      2 years ago

      is anything a good price on there?
      Looks all dear to me.

    • Ian A
      2 years ago

      I only know my category, watches. I know the best Chinese models but there is also tons of terrible tat and fakes such as Daniel Wellington on there!

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