Shopify launches Twitter Buy Buttons

By Dan Wilson October 11, 2015 - 11:43 pm

Shopify sellers can now go social because the ecommerce provider has added the capability for its customers to add buy buttons on Twitter.

This is on top of the existing service they offer which include being able to power ecommerce on Facebook and Pinterest. As they note, this means that Shopify is “the first and only ecommerce platform to allow merchants to sell across all three major social networks.”

As they note in a blog post about the development: “Twitter and Shopify have partnered to make “Buy now” buttons available to Shopify merchants, making it easier for them to get their products into their followers’ hands. The social media giant started testing their buy buttons late last year with major retailers and celebrities like the Home Depot, Burberry, Pharrell Williams, and Demi Lovato. Today they’re opening it up to small and medium-sized businesses through Shopify.”

Clearly this is a leap forward and a real boon for Shopify and its customers. The question remaining regards how big a deal this is for ecommerce SMEs selling online. How much trade are the social channels genuinely delivering for smaller sellers? They clearly work for big brands but is it valid for SMEs yet? Are you already selling social?

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