PayPal Here US service accepts Apple, Google and Samsung payments

By Dan Wilson October 1, 2015 - 2:33 am

paypal here usThe new PayPal Here service has just launched in the US and can accept a variety of payments from rivals including Apple, Google and Samsung payments.

The handset that launched yesterday can take chip and pin cards too, magnetic strip cards and NFC-based contactless services.

The PayPal reader connects to both Android and iOS devices to handle transactions. This may be a new idea in the US but PayPal Here has been available in the UK for some time.

US sellers can bag the handset for $49 but can also get a $100 credit if they process $3,000 within three months of activating the reader.

And there is also an incentive from Visa and MasterCard for merchants in the US to upgrade to chip card readers. From 1st October, merchants who do not accept chip cards will be liable for any point of sale fraud from such cards.

It’s fascinating to see that the US has been so slow to accept this new technology but we suspect it will be adopted fast.

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