Parcelhub new SMART Exception Reports

By Chris Dawson October 28, 2015 - 6:02 pm

One of the common complaints about parcel consolidators (and in fact about couriers themselves) is lack of visibility when something goes wrong.

ParcelhubCommunication is something that Steve Riley, IT Director at Parcelhub, agrees. PArcelhub offers ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates from multiple carriers and Steve says “Our customers were telling us that they needed something that did more than just track parcels, they needed to be proactively informed as to their status, especially when there were issues surrounding delivery“.

That’s why Parcelhub have developed their new SMART notification software. SMART analyses delivery data and identifies non-deliveries and exceptions, allowing them to be monitored and action taken as required. Because it works as an add-on to existing Parcelhub systems, it doesn’t have the same restrictions as other similar software, meaning it can be used by any merchant, across multiple carriers.

Prior to the automated system, exceptions reporting was done manually via a paper report, which was time consuming and inefficient. Parcelhub’s SMART now automatically flags anything out of the ordinary and using a series of rules, notifies both the customer and our own ecommerce support team. Parcelhub’s Kate Webb, Head of Customer Experience at Parcelhub says this means that it’s not unusual for a non-delivery to be identified, investigated and be sent back out for redelivery before the customer is even aware of any issue

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