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By Chris Dawson October 16, 2015 - 6:46 am

Linnworks netThere’s a new feature in, multi-user functionality enabling you to use the same email address to log into multiple accounts.

Because is in the cloud, each user will need to use their email address to log in to Through the Linnworks User Management you can create new users. It is important that you set up appropriate permissions for them so that only have access to the screens that you deem are relevant to that user.

Linnworks net multi loginOnce you’ve created the new user, they’ll be able to log on at If the same email address has been used for another Linnworks account, the user will then be presented with the option to choose which Linnworks account to log in to.

The multi-user functionality is ideal for companies who use multiple Linnworks accounts internally, or who want to give third parties such as fulfilment centres or consultants access to their account.

It avoids the need to create multiple email addresses simply so that you can manage multiple Linnworks accounts and also makes it very easy for a company to delete a user if necessary. Now when a consultant finishes their contract you simply delete their user rights and they’ll no longer have access to your Linnworks account.

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