Friday Fun: Prices then and Now

By Chris Dawson October 30, 2015 - 6:24 am

Most of us have a ton of unwanted items laying around that house that could be sold to raise some extra cash in the run up to Christmas. Most households will have everything from clothes that no longer fit, handbags that haven’t been used in years, mobile phones and games consoles long replaced with later models and a stack of DVDs or CDs that we never watch or listen to now that we all stream video and music.

Research by eBay published earlier this year suggests that the average UK university student could make a small fortune. It’s likely that they have over £6,045 worth of sellable possessions including 36 pieces of tech, 61 items of clothing and 35 household items.

How do you identify what your unwanted items are worth? Well the easiest way is to stick them on eBay, but can you even remember what you paid for them? For a bit of Friday Fun, the guys at have researched the original sale price for a range of goods, compared to what they’re worth today. See how good you are at remembering past prices…

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