Etsy launches same day delivery in NYC

By Dan Wilson October 29, 2015 - 12:36 pm

Crafty marketplace Etsy has launched a same day delivery service for customers in New York City. But it comes at a price.

Billed as a pilot on the company blog, the service clocks in at $20. Etsy’s Calia says: “Today we’re officially launching Etsy ASAP, a pilot program for the holiday season that enables same and next-day delivery from participating sellers in New York City. In partnership with on-demand logistics company, Postmates, we’re making it possible for buyers to discover, buy, and receive unique items direct from a local seller, all within the same or next day for a flat fee of $20.”

If a shopper opts for Etsy ASAP at the checkout they can choose from three hour delivery windows, based on the seller’s availability with orders placed after 7PM going out the next-day.

It sounds good if expensive and what I’m interested by is whether it means sellers who get involved with the scheme have to be perpetually close to their stock so they can fulfil an order. It won’t be something that’s great for part-time merchants who also juggle a day job.

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