eBay undervalue my smartphone at just £23.50

By Chris Dawson October 29, 2015 - 12:22 pm

eBay sell your phone for £100 more than other sitesI decided that I might as well sell my old mobile phone. I’ve had the new one for a couple of months so see no real need to hang on to my old handset – a Samsung Note 3.

What prompted me to list my old mobile was the big banner advert on eBay’s home page telling me that I could expect to by selling on eBay compared with any other site. When I click through it asks me for the phone Brand (Samsung); Model (Galaxy Note 3); SIM Lock (unlocked); Storage (16GB); Colour (white); Condition (used); and Cosmetic Condition (good); and Accessories (Original Box, Headphones, Charger). All well and good, now eBay tell me what they think my mobile is worth…. and it’s just £23.50!!

eBay says that “Phones like this are trending at £23.50“, and that “Price recommendation is based on similar items that recently sold or completed“. I guess what that tells me is that either eBay’s price engine is very broken or that there have been a hell of a lot of mobile phone accessories spammed into the “Mobile & Smart Phones” category instead of where they belong which is “Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories”.

Anyone want a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because I’m not going to sell it on eBay for £23.50, I can’t be bothered and I doubt many other consumers would either.

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 3  eBay

(The average eBay selling price on for a white Galaxy Note 3 according to Terapeak is £177.08, perhaps I’ll list it after all…)

  • james
    2 years ago

    i just dropped my S4 down the lavvy yesterday. :-(
    i’ll open with a bid of £25. :-)

    • Techno-Liam
      2 years ago

      Good where android products belong! :)



  • Techno-Liam
    2 years ago

    Last year i sold 4 one plus phones and made over £2000 profit


  • Roshni
    2 years ago


    Whats up geezersssss.

    I just sold my Apple smartphone (10 year old tech).

    Didnt get less than i’d expect for such a rubbish bit of tech so very pleased!

    Woop go eBay

  • Sally
    2 years ago

    can’t believe i got fired from the apprentice last night..hopefully i can sell my pink blazer on ebay…

    • Simon M
      2 years ago

      >> hopefully i can sell my pink blazer on ebay…

      That’d be more than you could sell last night….!


  • JD
    2 years ago

    Let’s face it eBay are not very clever on all sorts of levels.
    And the more they try to get clever then the worse it gets.

    If I was selling a used smartphone then the local free-ads may well get me a better price?

  • Ian A
    2 years ago

    Really annoying and patronising.
    I get “other Omega watches sold for £225..” they’re not the same as my rare limited edition !
    I hope they try to focus on the basics rather than being clever.

    • james
      2 years ago

      I constantly hope and pray for ebay to start selling their own stock.

      they might realise “other items sold for £100, price yours at £10” is sheer garbage, if they tried following their own “expert selling advice”.

      they might realise the customer is not always right.

      they might realise “automatic refund just for asking” is not the way forward.

      ebay dont sell s**t, so they dont know s**t about selling.

  • Tony C
    2 years ago

    If the price eBay suggest isn’t good enough, why not just put it on eBay at the price *you* want to sell it at? Is it compulsory to go with their suggested price?

    Nobody believes anything eBay say anyway…. ;)

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