eBay open up Click & Collect for more listings

By Chris Dawson October 25, 2015 - 7:54 pm

Good news, eBay are to drop the free postage requirement from to participate in Click & Collect at Argos.

Expect to see the change rolling out from around the 23rd of November. eBay will start to enable listings that don’t offer free postage from sellers already enrolled in the program, but in phases so you might not see it on your account immediately.

Although you’ll no longer have to offer free postage, your listing must offer delivery within 5 days to be eligible.

Due to the changes eBay have published which apply to existing participants from the 23rd of November 2015 and immediately for new participants.

Personally I think this is a pretty good deal for sellers, whilst I’m not likely to collect from Argos on a regular basis, I know plenty of other people who will. If one of your potential buyers is out at work all day and home delivery isn’t convenient Click & Collect is an option you can offer.

Best of all offering buyers collection from Argos is free and there’s very little you need do bar ensure that the 6 digit unique identifier code is printed out on your shipping labels (this should be automatic as it’s inserted into the address fields).

  • 2 years ago

    This is excellent news! The current free delivery option is the thing that’s held us back on rolling this out fully – we currently only offer it on high price items where we can absorb the cost.
    Some sellers seem to be happy to make tiny margins and offer free delivery on everything so they’ve always had the advantage with regards to Click & Collect.

    eBay need to have an option to filter out orders that have gone via Click & Collect – at the moment we have to manually go through our orders to find which ones have gone on this service.

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