eBay On-Time Delivery Metric – Your questions answered

By Chris Dawson October 21, 2015 - 10:37 am

We’ve had an awful lot of questions about eBay’s latest seller release and the new On-Time delivery metric. We’ve asked eBay to provide a bit more colour around the most frequently asked questions we were asked the most and here are their answers:

Tracked couriers not integrated with eBay

I use a tracked courier (TNT, APC etc) who are not on eBay’s integration list. The buyer said the item was late but I have an acceptance scan and an on-time delivery proof with online tracking. How do I get the late delivery mark removed?

eBay Says

Where the courier in not integrated to eBay, the Seller can contact customer service with proof of an acceptance scan within the Seller’s despatch time.

Late Delivery Report

Will I be able to see which buyers leave me late delivery scores (so I can track problem deliveries/couriers to improve).

eBay Says

Yes. There is a report showing which items were late.

Royal Mail 2D Bar Codes?

Will the new Royal Mail 2D bar code scans be captured by eBay’s tracking for acceptance scans and on-time deliveries?

eBay Says

Yes. Where the postage service with the new Royal Mail 2D barcode provides acceptance scans then these will be captured by eBay’s tracking platform.

Shipping disasters?

Royal Mail just lost/delayed a whole bag of mail or my courier’s van caught fire after a collection. Now I’m going to have a ton of buyers complaining about late delivery all from a single day’s sales. How can I protect myself – will eBay forgive one off events outside of my control before they limit the shipping methods/despatch promises I offer on my listings?

eBay Says

As long as seller has tracking that indicates the item was shipped within stated handling time, then late delivery caused by the carrier won’t impact their on-time shipping performance.

When no tracking is available, we’re unable to validate whether delays were caused by the carrier or the seller. However, we want to work with sellers if they are unable to meet the on-time shipping minimum expectation.

We won’t limit handling time options until we’ve given seller an opportunity to both (1) become aware they’re not meeting on-time shipping expectations and (2) make changes to their handling times on their own if necessary.

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