eBay App Daily Deals bug resolved

By Chris Dawson October 8, 2015 - 7:58 pm

eBay App DealsA few weeks ago we reviewed the new eBay Mobile app Version 4 and one of our complaints was that we couldn’t access eBay Deals through the app.

To be more correct only a small subset of deals were viewable in the eBay App and this turned out to be a UK bug, if you were using the US version of the eBay app all of the deals were visible.

There’s good news. Since eBay became aware of the issue they’ve been beavering away to get it resolved and if you check the eBay Mobile App today you’ll be able to access all of the same Deals that you can find on a desktop computers.

Many thanks to RJ Pittman, Chief Product Officer at eBay and his team for chasing this one down and getting it fixed. I’ve missed my daily browse of the deals just in case there’s an irresistible bargain!

  • Duder
    1 year ago

    Too bad they didn’t fix the main problem, that the entire app is a piece of trash.

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