eBay and Paypal results are coming: what should we expect?

By Dan Wilson October 20, 2015 - 6:14 am

In the next week or so we’re going to see PayPal and eBay report their first end of quarter results as individual companies after the split between the two back in July.

So what can we expect? eBay is presenting its results on October 21st. Paypal will report a week later on the 28th.

When it comes to ecommerce, the 3rd quarter is seldom a glittering period. So, on one level, it’s difficult to imagine that either company will be firing on all cylinders. That said, this is important stuff. And if either company does surprise and delight, it will be Paypal.

A quick look at the stock prices of eBay and PayPal shows how both firms have performed since independence and neither has done staggeringly well if truth be told. eBay will be first off the mark on Wednesday with results and it will be fascinating to see what progress they have made as a single entity.

eBay will be doing well if the results aren’t too dismal and they can point to progress and innovation that might promise future hope. But aside from that, expectations should be quite low.

PayPal probably has a little more to prove if the future expectations of the independent payment company are to come to fruition. But even then the chatter is pointing to nothing all that spectacular.

Of course, it is unfair to expect too much too quickly. But there’s no doubt that these two first sets of results from the separated companies are important. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Sheikh Fayej Siddique
    2 years ago

    Long time ago I order the mobile phone from eBay but I don’t get my item..
    Delivery date was 23rd September
    But still I don’t get it..
    Item I’d 181277011582
    Transaction I’d 1404962072008
    Can you check that.,
    Anyway now I don’t wanna this item
    Can I return my money back…

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