Codisto real time Magento & eBay integration

By Chris Dawson October 30, 2015 - 8:00 am

We’ve heard from many readers that they are interested in looking at Magento integrations for eBay and we’ve had to go to the other side of the world to find this solution – <CodistoCodisto Connect offers real-time bi-directional integration between Magento and eBay enabling you to convert a Magento store into a fully integrated eBay store in minutes.

There’s no set-up or training required, it’s simply a case of downloading the Magento Codisto Connect plug-in and your products can be listed on eBay almost instantly. From then on, future product edits in Magento are automatically replicated on eBay so you can manage your eBay listings right within your Magento store.

All your eBay orders are automatically sent to your Magento store so you can process orders in one place and at the same time your inventory is synchronised and always up to date.

One of the biggest issues with a bulk import into eBay is normally selecting eBay categories for your products. Codisto Connect uses their AutoMap to automatically categorise products into the most relevant eBay categories. Advanced machine learning algorithms systematically search eBay for similar products already listed and iterate towards the best category.

The aim of Codisto is to enable you to list your entire product catalog on eBay in seconds and let the auto-categorization do the hard work for you. If you’re not happy with with a category or setting there’s a facility to edit it quickly and easily with Codisto’s unique XpressGrid Multi Edit user interface.

Codisto Go – Standalone Turbolister Replacement

If you’re not a Magento user, Codisto Go may be of interest. Codisto Go is the fastest & easiest way of creating up to 10,000 professional eBay listings. It enables you to use Codisto’s XpressGrid Multi Edit tool to add or remove multiple products, edit prices, amend eBay titles & descriptions, or change shipping rules quickly & easily with the same AutoMap product categorization as Codisto connect.

Codisto Go is free to create up to 10,000 products. For $19/month you can create and edit your items unlimited times.


Fully mobile optimised templates

Codisto supply a fully mobile optimised listing template, which if you’re not happy with is fully editable – they give you access to the core HTML so you can customise how your eBay listings will display. If you do nothing they’ll look just as beautiful on a mobile or tablet as they do on a desktop.

Is Codisto Connect the solution you should be using?

You’re likely to be interested in Codisto Connect if you have a Magento store and especially if you have thousands (or tens of thousands!) of products.

You can create your first five products on eBay for free and manage them forever with nothing to pay, you don’t even need to enter credit card details. There’s also a 30 day free trial of Codisto Connect where you can list as many products as you like to give the software a run through on your full product catalogue. The monthly fees then range from $19 for 25 products, $99 for 1000 products, $199 for 2,500 products, through to $399 for 10,000 products with further plans for 50,000 or 250,000 products. Thepricing isn’t SKUs, it’s listings – with multi-variants listings you could have many more products than listings.

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