Automated label printing for ultra small businesses

By Chris Dawson October 15, 2015 - 11:49 pm

It always amazes me to hear that a relatively sizeable business is still keying in orders by hand. That’s the situation that Trend Clothing were in for their eBay shipments and it was time time consuming and susceptible to input error.

Royal Mail 2D Label hmThe Scotland-based fashion and footwear retailer ship between 100 and 150 orders per week throughout the UK and worldwide, via Royal Mail. They now have a single integrated solution for their e-commerce activities thanks to NetDespatch and Zenstores. The integrated order-to-despatch solution works for all their online orders, whether placed via Amazon, eBay or the company’s own website.

NetDespatch is almost an invisible cog in the automated order fulfilment-to-despatch solution enabled by Zenstores’ user friendly order management tool for online retailers. There is no cost for the retailer for the NetDespatch element, and only a minimal charge for the Zenstores platform

“Order information from all channels is seamlessly consolidated onto one screen. We simply select an online order for despatch, the correct 2D barcoded shipping labels are printed, and Royal Mail is automatically advised that parcels are ready to be collected. Parcel tracking information is fed back into the e-commerce sites to enable customers to follow the progress of their orders,” commented Dave Frame, Warehouse Manager, Trend Clothing. “The whole process is completed in a quarter of the time it took us before Zenstores and NetDespatch came along”.

If you still have any manual processes in your order and label production processes, it’s time to put a solution in place. There’s nothing more magical than coming in in the morning, turning on the computer and seeing the invoice and label printers starting to churn with little intervention other than starting the software package, especially when much of the technology needed is available for free or very minimal investment.

If you’re reading this thinking it sounds great but we only despatch five or ten orders per day, don’t think that there aren’t solutions available to fit your needs and budget. NetDespatch will be happy to talk as will Zenstores and automation can be in place in plenty of time for the busy Christmas season.

  • Rich
    2 years ago

    I would love to know how they get Zenstores working with a bigcommerce store? We use Zenstores, fine with eBay and Amazon orders, but it is not going to be linked up with Bigcommerce until next year. Zenstore is fantastic. Best to contact them on Facebook as they don’t reply to emails from their website.

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Rich, I don’t know, but give NetDespatch a shout, they’re friendly and best of all their integration work is free and if you already use Zenstores you’ve got half the solution in place already :-)

    • Hi Rich, really great to hear you’re liking Zenstores and apologies for the delay getting back to you via email.

      BigCommerce is on its way, we’ll do all we can to get this added as soon as possible we’re currently working on some really exciting updates and BigCommerce is right up there on the list.

      Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

      Thanks, Tom

    • Rich
      2 years ago

      Thank you, everyone, for all your help. I appreciate it. Little new to all this OBA and Zenstores. Thank you, Tom, for your email reply today. I will respond directly. Very happy to have found Zenstores, it sounds like it will save me lots of time :) I could never find anything that will work with Bigcommerce when it comes down to printing PPI this was the only reason I never used OBA with Royal mail before. Now saving on postage and time. Win Win.

      Thank you

  • Rich
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Chris for your reply. I will drop them a line, been looking at their website, found it a little confusing as to what they do. or is this just me being silly.

    Thanks again.

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Rich

      Put simply you want to print Royal Mail or Courier labels.

      NetDespatch do a (free) software integration for you.

      Now you can print Royal Mail or Courier labels using your own carrier accounts paying exactly the same as you’ve always paid.

      The carriers pay NetDespatch which is why it’s free for you!

  • Nick
    2 years ago

    We use Zenstores to print our APC and Yodel labels from eBay, Amazon and Magento. It links in with Netdespatch and automatically updates your orders on eBay/Amazon/Website with tracking numbers, it literally saves me around 30 minutes every day. Can’t speak highly enough about them, they were very responsive getting things setup, best way to contact them for us was via the chat facility on their website.

  • Gary Pritchard
    2 years ago

    Canceled my ebay account tonight.Seems that ebay are protecting their sellers rather than buyers.Bought an office chair which turned out to be a horrible green instead of the lime green as described.Item description said that seller would accept returns within 14 days. Returned chair within the 14 days via parecels2go/Yodel with tracking.Because I didn’t follow ebays wonderful returns procedure I’m stuffed & lost £74.95.Hence my cancellation of my account. Hope you out there haven’t had the same experience. Regards Gary

    • Derek Duval
      2 years ago

      And you base that on one transaction????

      Try selling 10000 items a year and see how much fraud is committed buy Buyers… You will find Ebay/Paypal is protects Buyers regardless

    • tinker
      2 years ago

      if you lost £74.95 as a buyer on ebay ,either you deserved to, or your doing something wrong , ebay never ever protects a seller

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