13 Ways to Get Kicked Off Amazon: Are You Guilty?

By Dan Wilson October 1, 2015 - 12:35 am

It’s always one of those concerns for a marketplace seller. You’re knitted into a big company that neither loves you, nor likely knows you exist. Whether it’s eBay or Amazon, even the best intentioned sellers can end up being kicked off. And often you’ll struggle to understand the reason why, after the rage and fear has subsided.

This ChannelAdvisor ebook takes a look at the problems with regards to Amazon and considers how you can protect yourself.

As they say: “Is the thought of being suspended from Amazon terrifying? If not, it should be. If you’ve ever been on thin ice with the marketplace before — or if you know of another retailer who received the boot — you know it’s not pretty. It’s stressful, it drains resources and, most importantly, it costs you TONS in lost revenue.

But you don’t have to live in fear. We’ve cobbled together a list of questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re not committing any of the common Amazon mistakes that get so many retailers in hot water.”

You can find out more and download the ebook here. Sounds like required reading.

  • Don
    2 years ago

    What about the one where you sell personalised gifts and customers do not provide their personalised info because a wrong number is supplied and a bounce back email address (as Amazon messages are not self contained like ebay) which results in the seller filing a complaint (via a page i’d love to know about by the way) and gets you suspended due to ‘listing against detail pages’?

    The fact that Amazon UK support is ran by Filipinos who are generally very good; but more often than not do not understand most situations is very scary. Multiple times our business has been down to customers being dumb and complaining.

    Thankfully we have not been suspended like some of the horror stories we’ve seen from Googling. But some day we will, It’s like being in the Mafia. When things are good, they are good, but you’re constantly have that dagger hanging above you.

    And it will be for a dumb reason and just a matter of when.

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