Waitrose launches Click & Collect lockers at petrol stations

By Dan Wilson September 30, 2015 - 2:08 am


Waitrose has launched some rather natty lockers from which you can collect the groceries you ordered online.

Obviously, Waitrose is part of the John Lewis group and they have been at the forefront of innovating ecommerce ideas. But in this case they’re taking to the forecourt.

I found out about these lockers (see the leaflet included in this post) when the flyer came through my door. Now, it seems, I can head to a petrol station and collect my Click & Collect groceries from lockers there. I hadn’t heard about this before but you might have them already down your way.

They’re a great idea. It’s very convenient to have a petrol station pick-up and you can schedule your collection to suit you. I would hope, in due course, that the scope and scale of such lockers will expand and they accept John Lewis orders as well and even other orders too. I say all this and I don’t even drive.

We’ll see how it all develops. Do you have these Waitrose Click & Collect lockers in your locale?

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