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By Chris Dawson September 2, 2015 - 10:04 am

As a merchant selling overseas using the Amazon marketplace, you’ll probably recognise at least one of the following three questions; How do you know what’s hot in an unfamiliar market? How do you know that your locally held stock is being checked and prepared correctly? How do you get as much of your sales revenues back into your local currency as possible?

A partnership between World First, ProfitSourcery and FBA Prep UK, can now help ease all three headaches. The combined services of ProfitSourcery, FBA Prep UK and World First will provide a complete package for international sellers who would like to sell into the UK market using the Amazon marketplace.

As an example, through ProfitSourcery, a marketplace seller can identify the hottest, most in-demand products on Amazon UK and find an online retailer to buy the items at the best possible price.

Having placed an order, the items are delivered directly to FBA Prep UK to be quality checked and so the inventory can be prepared and correctly labelled before being forwarded to a Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) warehouse.

Once the overseas revenues start coming in, World First can help marketplace sellers return their sales back to their home bank account at a competitive exchange rate, which could save them a few percent on their bottom line.

As part of the partnership, ProfitSourcery is offering existing World First clients one month free.

And FBA Prep UK is offering World First clients a £20 account credit.

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