ReplyManager adds eBay returns management

By Chris Dawson September 20, 2015 - 8:30 pm

ReplyManager, the eBay email management platform, have announced the addition of the eBay AfterSale integration allowing eBay sellers to process returns and cancellations directly from within ReplyManager version 6.5.

Now, in addition to managing messages on multiple channels, sellers in the US, UK and Germany will be able to perform all of their customer support needs without having to login into eBay at all.

Jodi Gaines Pereira, ReplyManager CEO explained “The ability to process returns from ReplyManager was one of our biggest feature requests and has been very well received by customers already involved in the testing process”.

The AfterSale integration comes on the heels of the new eBay Seller standards. Although buyer feedback, DSR’s, successful returns and other resolved issues will no longer impact a defect rate, Top Rated Sellers will be required to accept 30 day returns and process them quickly.

Why not just login to eBay?

For sellers also selling on other channels, the ability to consolidate customer service across multiple channels is key. No need to login into multiple platforms to answer messages or respond to cancellation or return requests. But even if sellers sell on eBay only, there are many benefits to using ReplyManager, including:

  • No need to share their eBay ID with staff. Everyone has their own username and password
  • Resolution Center and AfterSale “extras” such as customized standard reply templates and category tags for better organization
  • Automatically sorted and tagged messages based on specific, customized criteria
  • Autoresponders to enhance customer communication
  • Detailed reporting for productivity

In addition to the AfterSale integration, version 6.5 includes the ability to add Notes to cases in the Resolution Center. The new version will be immediately available to new customers and rolled out to existing customers between September 16th and 23rd.

ReplyManager also has plans to enable Amazon and eBay order searches from within messages to make
researching order status, shipping status, etc. easier than ever. A similar feature is already available via
ChannelAdvisor and Linnworks integrations, but this new Order Search feature will be available to anyone
selling on Amazon and eBay. The feature is scheduled for release in October 2015.

ReplyManager have a 15 day free trial if you’d like to test their email management and returns service for marketplace sellers.

  • Steve
    2 years ago

    Why would anyone pay $49+ a month to answer messages when they can do the same thing directly on the websites?

    I don’t see the point in paying for something that can be done with a different webpage for each marketplace open at the same time thanks for the offer but its not for me.

    • Kieran
      2 years ago

      Hi Steve

      You can do it as you describe, have several tabs open for each site you sell, this is fine but not particularly efficient when you have large numbers of sales and queries.

      There are countless reasons why you might want all your emails in one place, we use reply manager and think it is excellent value for what it does for us.

      Here are some of the reasons why people might use it.

      1) Default replies (canned responses) – Saves hours writing the same replies to different customers
      2) Not having to login to sites or have several tabs open, not having to share website passwords with staff members
      3) Easier to outsource support, you can provide access to just one system, the email system
      4) Threaded messages, easier to look through the full history of the communication
      5) Various rules can be set, organises emails to different departments or folders etc.
      6) Auto responders, provides real flexibility to send an initial response at different hours or days of week
      7) Easy visuals, you can see when new emails come in rather than having to check every website you sell on manually to look for new emails.
      8) Easier to train staff to email using one system rather than train people to reply on Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten, etc.
      9) Faster response times which could result in more sales or repeat business.
      10) You can handle eBay cases, return requests, cancellation requests without even logging into eBay.

      There are many more reasons but overall the majority are time saving benefits, it does save us hours per week, and at about £30.00 it does not take long for a company to save more than £30 in labour because of the time saving the solution offers.

      It does depend on the size of your company and sales, quite simply you would need to monitor how long it takes you to manage emails on all the websites for a week and then try something like reply manager to see how many hours you save, that is hours you could be selling products.

      I am just a customer or reply manager and i could not live without it, if you can save just 5 hours per month paying a staff member £7 per hour then it is paying for itself.

      I am fairly sure they offer free trials and i highly recommend reply manager.

    • 2 years ago

      Thanks so much for the great comments Kieran. Steve, as Kieran mentioned, we do offer a free trial of ReplyManager and a one-on-one demo as well as weekly product demo webinars. Would be happy to give you a quick preview if you’re interested.

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