Lengow launches new ecommerce automation platform

By Chris Dawson September 23, 2015 - 10:10 pm

Lengow have announced the launch of the Lengow ecommerce Automation Platform providing a new level of automation capability for online retailers. It reduces the lion’s share of time-consuming product data management and automates processes, analytics and campaigns.

Lengow plans to develop the new ecommerce automation platform into a ‘hub’ that integrates with all major ecommerce tools, allowing customers to centrally manage and automate all ecommerce processes within a single platform. The hub will integrate tools, services and partners, including product listing translation, delivery and payment management, pricing assistance and analytics services within a few clicks.

The platform is aimed at meeting the evolving challenges faced by online retailers in an increasingly global and cross-border ecommerce market. The platform makes planning, managing and optimising even the most complex, international multi-channel strategy easy and efficient, saves time and reduces customer acquisition costs by up to 40%.

The platform’s intuitive new features allow online retailers:

  • Centralise all of their online campaigns and reduce data traffic
  • Receive automated, personalised recommendations on channels and product reference optimisation
  • Visualise in real-time their product listings and catalogue status updates
  • Create unique global promotions on specific ecommerce channels;
  • Set up multiple automatic rules for different product segments
  • See the profitability of each of their products on each channel

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