Flubit is now integrated with CURO

By Chris Dawson September 7, 2015 - 9:33 pm

FlubitFlubit, a free online shopping service that creates lower prices for UK consumers, is now fully integrated with CURO, a bespoke ecommerce solution helping online retailers around the world.

CUROCURO is an enterprise-class platform for online and multi-channel retailers. Offering a scalable ecommerce platform packed with key features that provide a sound basis for future online growth. CURO is a platform built with the retailer in mind, one that does not cut back on providing you with the features needed to run an ecommerce business.

CURO a bit like Magento in that they can build you a shop front, only much more fully customised to your requirements for instance if you have specific marketplaces over and above the normal eBay and Amazon (such as Debenhams) they can assist.

It’s been very noticeable that Flubit’s integration partners started off with multichannel management partners and has since progressed to deals which broaden their market reach to consumers such as Barclaycard’s bespoke offers and now CURO for even broader integration. This coming Christmas Flubit are going to throw a lot of cash at advertising so if you’re considering adding them as a sales channel now is the time to do so, before the Christmas selling season kicks into top gear.

If by any chance you are already using CURO than the integration is ready and you can be up and running with Flubit in no time at all.

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