Etsy launches Editors’ Picks curated content for buyers

By Dan Wilson September 9, 2015 - 12:46 am

Crafts, vintage and retro marketplace Etsy has always been well known for being good looking. Etsy has always been innovative and attractive when showing off the great snaps of beautiful things that sellers put on the site.

This week they’ve added a new feature called Editor’s Picks which seeks to showcase even more of their unique content. You can read the easy announcement on the matter here.

Here are some of the “picks” they’re shouting about already. This one relates to “Rustic Weddings” or check out this one on a “boho chic” theme.

Rather like eBay’s Collections feature, the Etsy Editors’ Picks idea is to give buyers a new way to discover fabulous things to buy. What’s less clear is how they’re putting this content together.

Curated content is very much a buzz idea right now. But does it really work?

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