eBay’s New Seller Hub Coming in 2016

By Chris Dawson September 10, 2015 - 10:12 pm

eBay have announced today a new combining all seller functions from listings to managing sales, insights and marketing tools. Biggest bonus… it’s going to be free, unlike some of the existing tools which are subscription based.

The aim of the new Seller Hub is to pull together all of the tools that professional sellers use to run their businesses into one place. When it launches you’ll get a centralized overview of your listings and order activities, detailed sales information, access to marketing and promotional tools and competitive listing guidance to help you grow your business.

We’ve already seen eBay Insights and thought they were fantastic, although at launch that was bizarrely limited to Anchor Shop subscribers or those with a managed account. It looks like eBay Insights will become part of the new Seller Hub available to everyone as standard (for free!).

eBay say that they plan for all sellers to have access worldwide in 2016, although some sellers on will get access as early as October for a preview. eBay will be actively seeking feedback from users on the preview, so that they can continue to add enhancements and improvements in 2016.

What will the Seller Hub do?

Te eBay Seller Hub will be the single destination to manage, and improve, your entire business on eBay. You’ll be able to

  • Monitor the overall status of your business
  • Manage your listings and orders including
    • The ability to produce eBay Postage labels
    • The ability to add tracking numbers
    • The ability to print invoices in bulk
    • The ability to manage returns and cancellations
  • Receive metrics on the current performance of your business
  • Access insights and guidance that can help you grow your business

What does the Seller Hub replace?

The eBay Seller Hub will consolidate the full functionality of:

  • Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
  • Reports and dashboards for Sales, Seller Costs, Traffic and Seller Standards
  • And the ability to create and edit listing

If you have an eBay Shop subscription you’ll also be able to access:

  • eBay Shops
  • Promotions Manager
  • Promoted Listings

eBay Seller Hub vs existing tools comparison

Seller Hub Features

Screen shots of the new Seller Hub pages

Click any of the images below to see a full screen mock up showing some of the information and tools available through the new Seller Hub:

Seller Hub: Overview Page

Seller Hub Overview Page part

Seller Hub: Traffic Page

Seller Hub Traffic Page part

Seller Hub: Recommendations Page

Seller Hub Recommendation Page part

  • paddy
    6 years ago

    Anything is an upgrade on the current traffic reports.

  • Ian A
    6 years ago

    About time eBay looked at giving sellers more tools

    I’d like to see them make listing faster, easier and a less glitchy process as well as improve the shop templates and add cross selling features etc without having to use third party software

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