eBay UK Seller Release: International Changes

By Chris Dawson September 11, 2015 - 8:01 am

There are some announcements from the latest updates that impact UK that you should be aware of.

eBay Fee Changes

Possibly the most important are that there will be fee changes coming to France, Italy and Spain if you list directly on those sites.

International Changes

eBay Seller Hub

Notable is the Seller Hub coming first to’s US sellers but expected to roll out worldwide in 2016.

eBay Plus loyalty Program

Also of interest is the eBay Plus loyalty program, launched in Germany. Buyers sign up for extra benefits associated with purchasing and returning items. Sellers signed up to the program receive a 15% discount on final value fees on eBay Plus transactions, better placement in search and free returns labels for their German buyers. eBay Plus seller will also be able to purchase eBay branded packaging material at preferential rates.

eBay Plus is a program I’d love to see roll out in the UK at some point.

Full details on eBay changes for International sites

If you visit each country site, full details on eBay changes around the world are available: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; and the .

  • Deborah Davenport
    2 years ago

    Rubbish, poor design, slow to load, rubbish search, no discription, not going to use if things don’t change quickly and dramatically, will use Amazon instead

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