eBay tickets marketplace StubHub changes fees approach

By Dan Wilson September 3, 2015 - 9:03 am

For a long time there has been an ecommerce orthodoxy: buyers like to see the total end price when browsing, inclusive of shipping and processing fees and the like.

The received wisdom was that buyers would ditch the purchase if, as they moved through the check-out process, additional charges were added. It always made sense to me that shoppers didn’t like to be deceived and then diddled at the last moment. As Stubhub said back in the day: “On StubHub, you’ll see the final price right when you hit the site. Nothing more will be added to your cost. Not even delivery charges.”

And they still boast about it on their UK website:


(I took this grab today on this page:

But it seems like eBay owned tickets marketplace StubHub has changed its mind in the intervening years. Apparently the all-in pricing approach hasn’t worked all that well. According to reports, they’re going back to the old system and will be adding 15% to 17% at checkout.

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