eBay France, Spain and Italy fee changes

By Chris Dawson September 17, 2015 - 3:47 pm

In eBay’s Autumn Seller Release they announced fee changes for France, Italy and Spain. You should check each individual site for the exact costs which will apply from the 16th of October.

Full details are available on the eBay France, Spain and Italy sites with an overview of the changes below:

eBay France Fee changes

In France an eBay Basic shop level will be introduced including up to 200 free 30 day listings. Sellers who have a Featured or Anchor shop (Boutique Highlights or Premium Shop) will continue to receive unlimited free 30 day listings.

eBay are also making insertion fee changes to coerce sellers into using 30 day or good til cancelled listing formats. To this end the insertion cost for short duration listings (3, 5, 7 and 10 days) will increase from € 0.13 to € 0.30 for registered an eBay Store sellers. eBay say that 30 day adverts are not only more economical, but also result in better sales (think Best Match with recent sales boost).

eBay France are also increasing listing feature fees for short duration listings again to convince sellers to adopt 30 day formats.

The new French Basic shop will give 12 free gallery images per listings, free Selling Manager Pro and eBay telephone customer support.

eBay Spain Fee Changes

eBay Spain are also getting 12 free gallery images for listings. As with France eBay are pushing 30 day or good til cancelled listings with price increases for short duration listings.

eBay Spain also point out that up until now they’ve charged less for some listing enhancement fees for short duration listings. They’ll also be encouraging sellers to open an eBay shop and use long duration listings with similar price increase to eBay France.

eBay Italy Fee Changes

eBay Italy also say that longer duration listings can improve search performance and increase sales while keeping your items visible on the site longer as well as saving time and money by eliminating the need to relist the same item multiple times.

They are also raising fees for short duration listings and enhancements to bring them into line with 30 day and good til cancelled listings to encourage sellers to top for longer duration listings.

  • Steve
    2 years ago

    Its nice to see eBay having the same fee structure across all European countries so the playing field is even and it does not matter where you are in Europe.

    Hang on a minute its not the same fee structure ?

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