Create add branded Worldpay payment gateway

By Chris Dawson September 28, 2015 - 11:45 am

Shopping cart software provider Create have given their SME retailers the ability to have their own bespoke payment page with the launch of a payment interface with Worldpay.

Create collaborated on the development of Worldpay’s new payment gateway and developer friendly API to complete the first active integration using PHP coupled with open source javascript libraries. Working with Worldpay’s API has allowed Create control over the branding and how it works and looks – providing a bespoke experience to Create users. This is so much better than having to redirect customers to a bog standard payments page.

The Create Payments platform offers an integrated look and feel to its clients while improving the customer service and supporting increased sales. With transactional reports available, e-retailers and online shops will be able to take full control of their payments.

Create Payments will allow each client the opportunity to view transaction volume, sales and total revenue generated through a tailor-made reporting system.

Create customers will be signed up to a Worldpay account as they are providing the payment processing infrastructure and it is necessary for them to complete risk checking. Worldpay will all process the funds to Create customers banks but this will all happen in the background – Create will be their customers main contact point as with other Create services. There’s no contract so customers can cancel at any time should they so wish.

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