BoostSuite Ads: Target people you know are interested

By Chris Dawson September 15, 2015 - 12:40 pm

BoostSuite is a co-marketing platform which helps match content publishers with like-minded businesses and enables them to share content via their blogs. Now they’ve launched Boostsuite Ads which not only target your own audience, but also expand your pool of prospects to include the online audiences of your co-marketing partners.

Put simply the idea is that you share great content with like minded sites. For instance if you sell bicycles and accessories you might share content with sites which cater for bike riding holidays. You know that their audience are pretty much certain to be interested in your products.

From your content marketing, Boostsuite already know your best prospective customers, where they’ve been and what they’re looking for. They use this data to tell the Google Advertising Network exactly who to show your ads to.

BoostSuite Ads are not displayed on your website, or on your co-marketing partners’ websites. Instead, your ads are shown to your co-marketing audience as they visit news, weather, entertainment, and specialty interest sites around the Internet. Because of the global scale of the Google Advertising Network, they can tastefully nudge your best prospects almost anywhere they choose to go online.

The theory is a bit like remarketing adverts – you visit a retailers site, then you see their ads elsewhere on the net as the remarket to you and try to tempt you back to make a purchase. The difference with BoostSuite ads is that you can target people who haven’t ever visited your website, but have shown an interest in your co-marketing partner websites.

Because prospects targeted by BoostSuite Ads are new prospects for your business, they say that it’s common to see higher clickthrough rates with BoostSuite Ads then with remarketing ads.

BoostSuite Ads are available to all BoostSuite users. You can learn more about BoostSuite’s co-marketing solutions on their website.

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