Amazon Web Services outage causes headaches

By Dan Wilson September 22, 2015 - 12:19 am

An Amazon server problem in Virginia, USA has caused problems for services using Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the weekend.

The outages have meant interrupted services for brands such as Netflix, Buffer, Viber, Amazon Instant Video, Nest, Medium, Mediacom, IMDB and maybe a dozen others.

News source The Next Web reported thatthey use a service called Socialflow for all their automated social media action and the AWS outage resulted in 503 errors for some of their links.

AWS had a few problems in 2013 when a similar outage took out Instagram, Airbnb and Vine and with it meant a significant loss of revenue.

And, of course, other web users will have ben affected by a Skype outage that has been causing headaches too over the past few days. Whilst Skype has acknowledged the problem (that seems to be ongoing on an intermittent basis), Amazon has remained tight-lipped, although that glitch does seem to be resolved.


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