ZigZag Global is crowdfunding

By Dan Wilson August 19, 2015 - 7:14 am

Crowdfunding is all the rage and ZigZag Global is getting in on the action with a CrowdCube powered round.

They’re looking to raise £100k to develop their business and, at time of writing, they’re more than half way with investment pledges totalling £87,620 so far. The £100k sold will represent 15% of their business and the biggest single investor so far is in for £25k.

We like ZigZag. It takes the sting out of international returns and solves problems for cross border sellers. If you haven’t had a look, read about what we wrote about it a few months ago.

ZigZag is backed by and founded by Al Gerrie and Laurence Guy. Both have been eBay power sellers in their own right and run returns businesses in the past. Pentagon manage some of the UK’s leading retailers in marketplaces, such as Maplin, BMW, Halfords, Ann Summers, Peacocks and Dabs.

Here’s how they describe themselves: “Retailers selling abroad have a common problem- handling costly product returns that they are obliged to accept. ZigZag aims to solves this problem by offering a local solution which gathers and resells unwanted products. By utilising an innovative network of warehouses and distribution links, retailers can effectively manage their global distribution whilst minimising waste and preserving customer experience.”

We look forward to hearing how the campaign goes and wish them all the best of luck. Will you be getting involved?

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