Xsellco launch High5 Feedback management

By Chris Dawson August 18, 2015 - 10:08 am

Xsellco High5Xsellco have just unveiled their newest product, High5 – a feedback solicitation tool to integrate with Amazon and eBay (as well as Xsellco Fusion).

High5 enables sellers enables marketplace sellers to automate their feedback requests across all their channels. It fully complies with both Amazon and eBay’s policies regarding feedback management, and is designed to help you build the reputation of your brand and gives you the ability to provide a seamless customer experience to all your buyers.

High5 Key features

Encourage feedback

With High5 you can automate and schedule emails to be sent to customers to encourage them to leave feedback once they’ve received delivery. These messages can be fully customised using either plain text or HTML using an in-built editor.

Monitor performance

High5 alerts you to negative feedback or support issues, providing you with the details of customers comments, their account and order history, giving you instant access to all the customer’s details. This helps you prioritise and plan the best course of action to resolve any issues.

High5 also collates all your data and displays it in easy-to-interpret dashboard layout, giving you a complete overview of your feedback performance, seller rating, and a breakdown of customer responses.

Control your message

High5 has a highly detailed and extensive set of rules and criteria that can be set to insure you send the best message at the right time, personalised for the customer in question.

You can set rules detailing when and what message to send depending on customer, region, product, SKU, price – it’s up to you. You can also blacklist fragile products or instances when delivery has been delayed, insuring you are not bothering an already irate customer.

High5 also allows you to request the removal of feedback from Amazon and/or eBay that contravenes their rules.

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