Transwheel Robot Delivery Concept

By Chris Dawson August 23, 2015 - 11:50 am

Transwheel is a new delivery concept dreamt up by student Kobi Shiker which (if it ever comes to production) could revolutionise deliveries of everything from single parcels to road transport of containers.

The concept is pretty similar to a Segway, it’s a self balancing unicycle but instead of being designed to transport people it has arms to grasp parcels for transport. The idea is that Transwheels would act autonomously with GPS and similar detection capabilities of Amazon’s proposed drones and Google’s self driving cars. The big difference however is that for larger shipments the Transwheels would swarm together to combine their lifting power.

Kobi’s vision to see Transwheels carrying out transportation duties in urban environments around the clock, starting with mail box size deliveries but scaling to large dimension needs such as shipping containers.

The Transwheels would be fully kitted out with LED lights for safety and would know when they need to be recharged and return themselves to a suitable docking area to replenish their batteries.

It is simply a design concept at the moment, but I can’t help thinking how weird it would be to see a shipping container wandering around the streets of London as Transwheels deliver it to it’s destination. I guess the one good thing is that Transwheels would almost certainly qualify for Low Emission Zone acceptance.

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