Soon online takeaway orders will exceed those by phone in the US

By Dan Wilson August 4, 2015 - 10:37 am

It’s a sign of the times. According to research by NPD, in the USA takeaway deliveries made by phone will soon be over taken by those made online. It’s yet another signal that the ubiquity of the mobile web and internet convenience trumping the good old blower.

I guess that the convenience of just ordering online while you’re maybe watching the telly or the like is less of a disturbance than scrabbling around for the takeaway menu and using the phone.

There’s no indication of what the situation is in the UK but obviously where the States pioneers, the UK inevitably follows. And with services like deliveroo becoming increasingly being normal and opening up choice for consumers, this is a rend that’s only accelerating.

How do you order your takeaway?

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  • Jack
    2 years ago

    I work for a Domino’s franchise in the UK, and I would say around 80% are online orders.

    • Sam
      2 years ago

      I was going to say, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UK was far ahead on this one.

  • fusion
    2 years ago

    Pretty much all takeaways I get are done online. Allows you to see what is open, compare prices and see the whole menu if you don’t have the menu. Plus it allows a place for you to see customer reviews of a place and find takeaway’s you weren’t aware of in the area.

    • Simon M
      2 years ago

      >> Pretty much all takeaways I get are done online.

      Ditto. I use the “Just Eat” service a lot, exactly for the reasons you mention. Often get a 20% discount too, just because I’m ordering online.


  • Mark_H
    2 years ago

    One downside of this is the takeaway will have to pay fees to the online gateways which they would not have paid for a phone order.

    This may be offset by an increase in orders from new customers who have found them via the websites (although I would expect this to be at the expense of other takeaways)

    A number of the restaurants are signed up to multiple website order providers (Just-Eat, Scoffable, Snapfax, Deliveroo) to get maximum exposure in the same way that people sell on Amazon and eBay.

    Deliveroo is the odd one out of the websites as they run their own delivery service, rather than requiring the restaurant to provide staff, this must complicate things for a restaurant listed on other sites where they need to provide delivery staff.

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