plentymarkets new “Pay for only what you need” model

By Chris Dawson August 19, 2015 - 11:09 am

plentymarketsplentymarkets has relaunched it’s product with a new product configurator, where a retailer can decide what parts of the software are needed and only pay for them.

There are plenty of multichannel management solutions on the market, but you always tend to end up with more features than you really need. Either you end up with something like a 5 user log in because you need to process a large number of orders but actually you work on your own, or you end up with a system that supports 5 marketplaces when you only sell on eBay and your website.

With plentymarkets new configurator you can pick and choose from the vast array of features available and tailor a multichannel management system to your own exact specifications. This enables you to hand pick advanced features such as faceted search. You can leave out other features that suppliers generally think are essential such as stock management – really not needed if you have unlimited quantities of product.

The bottom line is that the most basic plentymarkets System, including the Webstore, Order processing, individual processes and a simple Stock management is available for £10 per month with a 1 month minimum commitment. You’ll almost certainly want to add on the Multi-channel feature at £30 per month, and many users will pay considerably more than a tenner a month, but you will only pay for what you really need.

Best of all you’ll never pay for the zillions of features that you don’t want, aren’t really sure what they do and would never use them anyway!

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