PayPal UK Boss Cameron McLean talks about the future

By Dan Wilson August 26, 2015 - 1:32 am

Have a read of this interview with the head of PayPal in the UK, Cameron McLean, and it’s obvious eBay isn’t something he’s thinking about much.

That’s hardly a surprise: the two companies have split. PayPal is riding high on the stock market and the opportunities that do exist are greater off-eBay. You can read the full interview here.

Here ares some choice cuts:

McLean says: “We know that we’re in a really hot market. Technology evolves. We want to be a payments platform that is open – we allow our retailers to accept Apple Pay. Ultimately we think our consumers will choose PayPal when they see PayPal available.

Trust is our big, big focus within the business – what we provide is a very secure end-to-end system that looks after the trust of consumers and retailers. For me, safety and security is what underpins our business. This is a very buoyant part of the economy and fraudsters are always looking to try to stay ahead of the game.”

At Tamebay we’re looking for the next really big announcement from PayPal that will truly and unambiguously signal the break from eBay. Stellar Q3 results will also be vital. But surprisingly it seems that they have been sadly rather quiet since the divorce.

We’re watching this space.

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