More details on the Amazon drones airspace proposal

By Dan Wilson August 10, 2015 - 12:26 am

Amazon Prime Air HomeMany of you raised questions about how the Amazon drones delivery scheme might work in practice.

Some Tamebay commenters were enthusiastic and others wanted more details.

And everyone should be happy with this extra information. Even the most questioning nerd will find something of interesting in these documents.

Amazon Prime Air has published two papers that lay out the full proposal in detail. Find them below:

Revising the Airspace Model for the Safe Integration of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Determining Safe Access with a Best Equipped, Best-Served Model for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

It seems to us that Amazon is serious about drones as a possibility despite the numerous practical concerns.

And here is a video that gives a syrupy view on how it might work. Two questions spring to ming: how do you sign for a delivery and what happens to the lunchbox that it arrives in? Do you have to return that?

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