Flubit selling integrated on plentymarkets

By Chris Dawson August 20, 2015 - 10:24 am

FlubitFlubit are gearing up for a really big Christmas this year and plentymarkets users will be pleased to hear that they can now sell on the Flubit platform and start preparing to cash in on Flubit’s marketing efforts.

Selling a product on Flubit is not that different than selling on any other market. However, you don’t list your products on Flubit in a way where customers are able to see your products and offers, Flubit asks online shoppers to copy and paste the URL for the product they want to buy and then creates a better, private offer for the user on behalf of one of its sellers – hopefully you.

plentymarketsFlubit is now completely integrated in plentymarkets and is configured the same as other marketplaces. To set up Flubit in plentymarkets you’ll first need to register with Flubit to receive an API key and Security token. Once you’ve entered your Flubit credentials in plentymarkets you’re ready to make your products available to potential customers.

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