Fashion Without Borders: The local approach

By Chris Dawson August 23, 2015 - 12:05 pm

Selling your products internationally can be tricky for many reasons; you need to comply with local laws, reduce your currency conversion risk, find the right logistics partners and understand your local consumer.
At this next month’s Fashion Without Borders event key panel sessions will demystify the challenges of cross-border trade, and will provide you with advice and guidance from industry experts who have been there and done it, and at scale.

The first panel session, moderated by Transform’s Joe Tarragano, will explore how to capture the local approach when selling into a new market.

Experts from TranslateMedia, Search Laboratory and Fits Me will discuss the importance of applying a localised approach and understanding how user journeys differ from market to market. They will show that localisation is not just about translating product names and descriptions, but selecting the right products, understanding the local lingo and capturing the essence of the local culture when considering sizing guidelines, relevant imagery and preferred payments methods.

Spaces at Fashion Without Borders are limited, so register to reserve your place for the 17th September.

Meet the Panelists

Patrick Eve, Co-Founder and Executive Director at TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia is a global language service provider, which has pioneered technology and processes that allow global retailers and ecommerce businesses to successfully expand into new developed and emerging markets. Patrick will explore the importance of tailoring language and client attribution models for each market.

Ian Harris, CEO at Search Laboratory

Search Laboratory was formed in 2005 to fill the gap in the market for a dedicated multilingual digital marketing service. Today it helps clients, including Karen Millen and Matches, to significantly increase their online revenue. Ian will discuss how to get your brand noticed in new markets by understanding the key phrases that local consumers use during search.

Heikke Haldre, Founder of Fits Me is a ground breaking technology that helps apparel retail move from stores to online, giving confidence to consumers when buying the right size of a garment, and providing the retailers with wealth of data. Heikke will give examples of how technology can provide retailers with unprecedented tools for global expansion.

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