eRated’s trust certificate extends to new marketplaces

By Chris Dawson August 10, 2015 - 10:15 pm

Back in November 2014 we wrote about eRated, the site which makes your feedback from multiple marketplaces portable and gives you a head start with trust, using your existing reputation, on any new venues you choose to sell on.

eRated collects the ratings and reviews you have received in any marketplace. Once information is collected, eRated calculates your reputation score – your eRated score and then displays your reputation widget within their partner marketplaces (which includes eBay, eRated is an eBay certified application)

eRatedeRated has expanded and now work with SideLineSwap, SuperMarket, eDivv, eBay, Storemates, Bearpile, SnobSwap, Reborns, Trampolinn, and DateMyWardrobe. Their latest integration is with Tripda, one of the largest car sharing service in the world.

eRated benefits

eRated say that there are four main benefits for marketplaces that have implemented their widget:

Accelerating new seller growth – eRated makes it easy for new users to become credible and sell faster;

Higher conversions – Users who have imported their existing reputation are selling 150% more;

Awakening dormant users – 20-40% of marketplace users never made a sale, allowing them to import their reputation gives them a fresh start and;

Get to know and verify your users – Every new user isn’t necessarily a new user, eRated helps verify and profile your users based on how they perform on other marketplaces and social media platforms.

As well as having a plugin for eBay sellers, eRated are now going to allow sellers who have WordPress/Shopify and Bigcommerce stores to display their marketplace reputation using the eRated widget.

If you’d like to display your own eRated profile on the platforms you trade on, you can sign up at

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