Enterprise Nation to launch an SME hub in Barnsley

By Dan Wilson August 4, 2015 - 12:11 am

Small business network Enterprise Nation is going to launch a hub in the North of England to help it spread the word about the power and promise of SMEs.

The new hub will be in the Yorkshire town of Barnsley and will be headed up by Ben Hawley. Ben is a self-employed entrepreneur.

EN says: “Ben joins Enterprise Nation to head up our new business hub which will host member meet-ups, practical events, adviser sessions, and deliver public projects to encourage and support enterprise across the north.” They bill him as their “man in the north” on their website.

This follows Enterprise Nation’s successful work with Click in Barnsley where they launched an ecommerce accelerator.

Click is part of Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre; a ground breaking £12m building that’s filled with digital and small businesses.

It’s also the place EN will call home as they work with Barnsley Council and the Barnsley Digital Media Centre to open the Enterprise Nation hub that will provide member services, business advice and commercial support.

It’s great that our friends at Enterprise Nation, headed up by Tamebay fan Emma Jones MBE, are branching out and it’s also good news that they’re so much more than a London based organisation.

If you’re in the Barnsley area, you’re well advised to get involved.

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