eBay expands operations in Israel

By Dan Wilson August 18, 2015 - 11:27 am

eBay is expanding its operations in Israel and hiring 50 more employees there, according to reports.

230 people already work for eBay there at two sites in Netanya. One unit focusses on development and big data for eBay International and at the helm is Yuval Matalon, CEO of eBay Israel.

The other unit is a business and marketing organisation that promotes Israeli trade online headed up by Elad Goldenberg.

They’re hiring for a variety of positions including Java software development engineers, data-science professionals and big data analysts. Find out more on the eBay Jobs website.

Matalon says of the expansion: “eBay is the world’s biggest online mall. The role of the Israeli development center is arranging and characterization 850 million items offered for sale from almost anywhere to anywhere. For this, we are focusing most of our efforts on finding ways to make our systems even more sophisticated, by developing advanced technologies in the field. The recruitment process will support the expansion in the areas of big data, data mining and structured data, all in order to offer our customers even better ways to quickly and easily find their favorite items. Today, the whole world knows that Israel has some of the most capable minds, and the best proof for that is when a huge international company like eBay decided to expand its activity in Israel and recruit new employees right here in our development center.”

  • tinker
    2 years ago

    they need to improve the reliability of the Israeli postal service before we consider shipping to Israel

    • A+
      2 years ago

      You’re making an interesting point. Why are you saying this? I was going to comment that in our experience 1 out 3 customers claim they have not received their order. I wish we could find what the problem is. Customs? Latin characters?

    • tinker
      2 years ago

      lack of security and honesty is our best guess

    • Garry
      2 years ago

      How ludicrous. Send goods to Israel. You must be off your head to even consider it. The stuff hardly ever gets there and the buyers are not slow in opening cases. I would expect that 229 out of the 230 staff that ebay employ will be in the resolutions department.

    • Dean
      2 years ago

      I used to ship a lot to Israel but a few months ago I called it a day for un-tracked shipping and started shipping with just International Tracked to protect myself with eBay / PayPal.
      As the extra cost had to be eaten by the customer, my sales to Israel on eBay and other channels has dropped considerably.
      However today I was going to start shipping un-tracked again in the hope that the postal service had improved, so if anyone has any recent anecdotal evidence as to whether things have changed within the last 3 months I’d love to hear it.

      I’ve always found that my Israeli customers to be honest, patient, understanding and reasonable. So I think that it is the postal service that’s flawed. I’d probably guess that it’s poorly run / underfunded and whilst making my decision to switch to tracked-only shipping (which doesn’t make things better, it just protects me from the total claim loss) I found a number of online news articles highlighting the public dissatisfaction with their mail service.

      So Ebay Israel…
      You need a plan if international inbound sales are on your radar.

    • 2 years ago

      We have toyed with idea of ending shipping to Israel because of the unreliable delivery dates, but in the main nearly everything does get there…eventually. I would think maybe the issue is customs and every parcel is checked to avoid terrorist incidents

  • benyamin
    2 years ago

    We will never ship to Israel due to having a sense of morals. A state sponsored violent regime that lets millions of its indigenous population live in conditions worse than animals. I guess most people care about money more than taking a stance. Think.

    • JD
      2 years ago

      eBay is a US company?

      Go figure. …….

    • David
      2 years ago

      Well said benyamin

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