eBay adjust EU delivery times due to Calais disruption

By Chris Dawson August 3, 2015 - 6:13 pm

Whatever your views over the state of UK immigration it’s bad for ecommerce road shipments to Europe.

Mightly storming of the Channel Tunnel terminal at Calais, combined with burning tyre blockades of surrounding roads triggered by Eurotunnel’s sale of its ferry service are slowing down freight crossing the channel and eBay have recognised their sellers packages are being delayed.

Today In light of the ongoing strike action at Calais and the subsequent issues around border security, we have adjusted the estimated delivery time of UK exports to Europe. These extensions are temporary and will be revoked once the situation at Calais has been resolved“.

Have you seen delays in your EU shipments or are you couriers managing to get parcels delivered on time across the EU?

  • Andy
    2 years ago

    Everything going out by road is delayed by 24-48 hours. Our biggest problem is incoming stock from European suppliers because GLS/Parcelforce/DPD – and I’m sure others too – haven’t used their brains and diverted trucks coming into the UK to the Dieppe-Newhaven or Ostend-Dover routes.

    And if the Govt stopped with the migrant bandwagon and just used pure economics this would be over already. To let all the migrants at Calais into the UK and process them into an immigration centre would cost £17m a year including the benefits some would be entitled to. That’s buggerall compared to what the UK economy has lost because of this mismanaged crisis which it seems the Govt wants to handle in a way to appease Daily Mail readers.

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