Bouncepad POS solution for NFC PayPal Here

By Chris Dawson August 11, 2015 - 1:26 pm

Following the news that PayPal have released the new NFC enabled PayPal Here card reader, Bouncepad are offering a complete POS (Point of Sale) solution for small businesses.

This is designed as an in-store solution to enable any business to accept bank credit / debit cards and provides Bouncepad’s PayPal tablet enclosure and a custom card reader cradle for your PayPal Here device. Add an iPad and register with PayPal and you’ve a complete payments solution ready to go.

Tobi Schneidler, CEO of Bouncepad told us: “We’re excited to extend our long-standing relationship with PayPal to continue helping small businesses innovate their POS systems. Working together, we’re able to offer a sophisticated tablet POS solution that helps small business owners across industries like hospitality and retail make it simple and affordable to join the contactless payment revolution.”

This solution is fantastic for pop up events and functions where you might not have a traditional POS system permanently installed. It’s also ideal for mobile solutions, for instance if you have a trailer which visits various shows around the country, so long as you have WiFi or a mobile signal then you can take payments.

Combined with the new PayPal Here NFC card reader the Bouncepad bundle ensures you’re ready to take contactless payments from NFC debit / credit cards as well as newer solutions such as Apple Pay enabled devices.

The Bouncepad for PayPal Here solutions is available at a cost of £225.00 plus VAT and includes Bouncepad’s PayPal tablet enclosure and a custom card reader cradle. Add your PayPal Here card reader and iPad, download the PayPal Here app for iOS and register with PayPal and you’re ready to accept payments.

  • Lee Pearce
    2 years ago

    When you say “Bouncepad are offering a complete POS (Point of Sale) solution for small businesses.” do you mean a holder for a tablet and a cradle for your paypal here card reader!!

    Calling a tablet holder and card reader cradle a complete POS solution is pushing the boundaries of embellishment a bit far.


    • 2 years ago

      Hi Lee, fair point, the cradles are part of the solution, but in conjunction with the Reader and PayPal Here software you can accept card / NFC payments, set up products in the back end PayPal Here software and feed everything into your stock management solution – all the building blocks you need for a POS solution for a small business.

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